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Wood N' Wooden Personal Coaching Session

Wood N' Wooden Personal Coaching Session

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You can watch the videos, read the instructions, but if you're like me, you want to get better fast.  A good way to do this is with a personal, 1 hour Zoom or Facetime Coaching Session.  This can be one 1-hour session or two 30-minute sessions.

It is best to have a partner with you operating the camera/computer so I can see the technique from different angles and watch the path of the boomerang while you focus on throwing and learning.

Care information

Your boomerang is finished with pure linseed oil.  If you want to clean or refresh the finish, it is okay to do it when the boomerang is completely dry by lightly sanding the surface with a 150 or higher grit paper and applying a small amount of linseed oil.  Do not soak the boomerang in water and avoid heat of any kind as that can warp the airfoils and change the flight characteristics.

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