About Larry

I was a Boy Scout growing up, and when I was 12, I spent a week at Scout Camp.  I was at a Waterfront orientation on the first day, then headed back to my tent.  I heard my name being called on the PA system to report back to the Waterfront.  When I did, the Scout Leader there asked me where my buddy tag was. 

“Probably over on that board”, I replied.  “Get it and bring it here” he instructed me.  When I handed my buddy tag to him, he wrote on the back, “R.I.P.”  Apparently, I left my buddy tag on the wrong area of the board, which was a signal to the leadership that I had drowned.

Not responsible enough to swim, I headed to the Trading Post thinking about how I was going to fill that daily 3-hour hole in my schedule for the coming week.  There on a shelf was a boomerang kit.  “Hmmm… I didn’t know these were a real thing, but someone thinks a 12-year-old Boy Scout is smart enough to make one”.  I bought it for $2.

There were Jr. Scout Leaders at the picnic tables outside the Trading Post showing kids how to make boomerangs.  File here, sand there, paint it and go give it a try.  The first time I threw it my boomerang came back to me close enough to make me want to make another… and another… and another.  I was hooked.

Over the past 50 years I’ve been many things: husband, father, engineer, entrepreneur, army veteran, Christian brother.  But to a select group of people I’ve met recently, I’m know as “The Boomerang Guy”.


Boomerang Videos

How to Throw A Boomerang

Left-handed vs Right-handed Boomerang

Who Needs A Boomerang

  • The person who already has everything and you have their name for the gift exchange!
  • Anyone who throws things when they’re mad. 
  • People who lose things (because these come back)! 
  • Anyone who loves laminated wood decor (buy one and hang it on the wall, and forget about it)!
  • Someone who doesn’t have a friend to throw a frisbee with :(
  • Any engineer or engineering student, this will occupy them for hours!

Frequently Asked Questions


We use USPS 2-Day Priority Shipping. We ship to domestic and international locations. International postage must be agreed to in advance. Just shoot us an email and we'll quote it for you.


Returns are permitted within 2 weeks of the delivery date of your purchase. Please send an email to larry.a.gildea@gmail.com to obtain a return authorization number.


At Wood n’ Wooden, we endeavor to use recycled or reused materials wherever we can while still producing a product that exceeds your expectations in every way.  The woods used in our product come from various sources including scraps from furniture manufacturers or odd sized boards from wholesalers that can’t be sold in retail.  Once our boomerangs are made, we have people who pick through our scraps for materials for art projects and firewood for heating. We’re not trying to save the world.  We’re just trying to be good stewards of our little corner of it.

Where Should I Throw My Boomerang?

Your boomerang should be thrown in a wide open space, such as a football field, or park. People, concrete and cars, trees, etc. should be out of the way. Doing this will keep your boomerang from hitting others and help you avoid hurting others and your boomerang.

Why Isn’t My Boomerang Coming Back?

Please view our boomerang videos in order to see the best ways to throw your boomerang to make it come back!
Please avoid throwing in >10mph wind, since it changes the trajectory of the boomerang and makes its flight path quite unpredictable!

What If My Boomerang Breaks?

This shouldn’t happen if you are throwing your boomerang in a clear open space that is NOT above concrete! But in case it does, please go to the contact page, and send an email with a picture of your broken boomerang and some details on how it broke. All boomerangs will be replaced at Wood N’ Woden’s discretion on a case-by-case basis.