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BETTER: Australian Jarrah Boomerang

BETTER: Australian Jarrah Boomerang

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Traditional Bannana Shaped Boomerang
Left Handed

Australian Jarrah is the traditional wood used by the indigenous people of Australia to make boomerangs.  It is very hard and durable, heavy and has a very deep reddish brown appearance that looks amazing when finished with a glossy topcoat.

You can order a V, a Hook or a Traditional Boomerang in Australian Jarrah.  Make sure to specify Left or Right Handed.

Every boomerang is tested twice and guaranteed to return when thrown properly.  Every boomerang is treated with a UV protective topcoat and comes with specific instructions and a numbering system to help you develop the skill of throwing AND CATCHING your boomerang.

Care information

Your boomerang is finished with pure linseed oil.  If you want to clean or refresh the finish, it is okay to do it when the boomerang is completely dry by lightly sanding the surface with a 150 or higher grit paper and applying a small amount of linseed oil.  Do not soak the boomerang in water and avoid heat of any kind as that can warp the airfoils and change the flight characteristics.

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