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Hook Boomerang - Laminated Hardwoods OR Painted 5-ply Baltic Birch

Hook Boomerang - Laminated Hardwoods OR Painted 5-ply Baltic Birch

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For the Intermediate to Advanced Boomeranger!  Easy to throw, good travel (75 feet) and a predictable return for an easy catch.

This 9" x 14" Hook Shaped Boomerang is made from .25 inch thick Laminated Select Hardwoods OR Baltic Birch Plywood.  Both wood types make the boomerang flat and resistant to warpage.  Ask anyone who had a plastic boomerang growing up . . . warpage is the #1 reason a boomerang won't return.  Throwing it incorrectly is #2.  To that end, you can view the videos on the Resources Page to learn how to throw a boomerang correctly so that it will return to you and you can catch it!

Every boomerang is tested twice and guaranteed to return when thrown properly.  This Hook Boomerang is coated in polyurethane for weather resistance and durability.  Every boomerang comes with specific instructions for the numbering system used to help you develop the skill of throwing AND CATCHING your boomerang.

Care information

Your boomerang is finished with pure linseed oil.  If you want to clean or refresh the finish, it is okay to do it when the boomerang is completely dry by lightly sanding the surface with a 150 or higher grit paper and applying a small amount of linseed oil.  Do not soak the boomerang in water and avoid heat of any kind as that can warp the airfoils and change the flight characteristics.

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